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About Free Whois: Free WhoIs is the leading domain name and DNS information provider for domain professionals, to find domains, research ownership and is a great tool for brand protection, regulatory compliance, cyber threat intelligence and cybercrime forensics. Free WhoIs finds domain name and the data behind it. It helps to find domain name registrant's identity, hosting company's IP address, DNS data, current and historic domain records (pro plan) and helps companies and individuals assess security threat risks, profile attackers, investiagate online fraud and crimes and map cyber activity.

Free Plan: Free WhoIs daily crawls thousands of active/deleted domain names across various public DNS servers around the world as well as crawls and indexes daily data provided by various registries. There are total 2 million active domain name records in our database. A free plan is limited to certain features and may direct links to third-party services instead of showing full domain name data on result page.

WhoIs Pro: Pro Plan is a paid plan and includes full WhoIS history records of 15 million domain names from year 2000. These records also includes domain name whois information from registries before activating domain-privacy shields. To get more details on Pro plan and to subscribe it email: [email protected]

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